Get A Look At The “Iron Spider” Outfit From SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING

It'll also show up in INFINITY WAR!

I suppose we should throw up the Extremely Minor Spoiler warning just in case, as we give you a look at the upgrade to the upgraded Spider-suit in this month's Spider-Man: Homecoming:


The official image originates from an Art of VFX interview with the film's VFX supervisor, and it's our best look at the teased costume change since the movie itself. That is, of course, unless you attended Comic Con or D23. Then you'll know it's the suit Peter wears when he gears up to fight Thanos.

For the record, I love this outfit! Dubbed the "Iron Spider" after Peter's admittedly more vibrant gear in the Civil War comic, it looks exactly like the kind of thing an Avenging Spider-Man would wear. It also comes at a pivotal time in the story of Homecoming, with Peter finally having learned he doesn't need to constantly shoot for the "A" logo and win the Avengers' approval when there's people on the ground who still need him. I've seen folks say him putting on the suit in Avengers: Infinity War and joining up with the A-Team undercuts all that, and boy, do I disagree. There's a difference between Peter wanting to becoming an Avenger and the world needing him to.

In any case, we'll be able to see this gorgeous thing in action come May 4th 2018.