Your First Look At The Avengers From 1,000,000 B.C.

You'll never guess what Ghost Rider drives.

Marvel Legacy is shaping up to be an interesting event, what with every new major superhero from Miles Morales to Captain Marvel to Iron Heart getting adventures alongside those who preceded them in Marvel Generations this August. The concept of legacy in the Marvel universe goes back much further, as previously reported, and Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic's one-shot will introduce us to a whole host of "original" Avengers from back in the day come September.

Here's your line up!

That's Agamotto, Sorcerer Supreme, precursor to Doctor Stange (and soon, Loki?!), wielding his All-Seeing Eye. Agamotto most notably shows up to Strange in the form of a smoking caterpillar a la Alice in Wonderland, but I guess someone at Marvel decided "just a regular dude" is a way more interesting.

The mantle of Iron Fist took a major hit recently thanks to the Netflix show (run by Iron Fist Showrunner Scott Buck, M.D.), but hopefully the lady pictured here will show us why being the first ever Iron Fist is cool. 

I couldn't tell you why the Phoenix Force takes the form of a redheaded cavewoman a million years before Jean Grey was born, but the X-Men sure do love their time travel stories, so anything's possible. Maybe the Phoenix Force just has a type. (Don't mistake my excitement for Legacy for not knowing how silly this all is!)

Hahahahahaha pre-historic Ghost Rider rides a Woolly Mammoth hahahahaha. The Woolly Mammoth is a demon too. This is fantastic, and way cooler than I expected. 

That right there would be a younger Odin. I figured his father Bor might feature, but given how influential the All-Father has been in the Marvel 616, I'm glad to see him wielding Mjolnir and hanging out with some buddies. 

The Star Brand gives a Quasar their powers, and if that sounds like comicbook mumbo jumbo to you, you may have also noticed how much this fella looks like The Hulk. That doesn't seem to be a coincidence, since Marvel have also said the book will explore how "the Star Brand has deep ties to the very origins of superhumans in the Marvel U."

And finally, the first Black Panther. Outside of Odin, who's Thor's dad, the other 1,000,000 B.C. Avengers only appear to be predecessors in terms of assumed idenity. But in all likelihood, this guy right here is a direct ancestor to T'Challa and his sister Shuri, children of King T'Chaka from two different women who each took on the Panther mantle. That's neat!

So there you have it. Your modern-human looking O.G. Avengers from well before human civilization and homo sapiens sapiens (or even homo sapiens) were even a thing. The 50-page Marvel Legacy #1 arrives this September. Comics are silly and I like them.