BUMBLEBEE Spinoff Gets That John Cena Credibility

Giving charm to the charmless.

Just off the top, it’s probably worth noting that while Bumblebee is an ‘80s spin-off from Michael Bay’s Transformers series, he is not directing the film. That honor falls to Kubo and the Two Strings’ Travis Knight. For those who don’t know, Kubo and the Two Strings kicks serious ass.

So maybe a little optimism for Bumblebee isn’t out of the question. It’s probably not advised, but there are worse places you could part your excitement. Especially now that John Cena is going to be in the film.

That’s right. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Cena will join Hailee Steinfeld in whatever this Bumblebee movie is going to be. Cena’s known as a wrestler primarily, but he tends to be a bit of a scena stealer when he pops up in movies. He also has that demigod look going for him, which makes him a match for this particular series.

It would be weird if one of these came out and was actually good. I’m not saying this is that time. But, maybe we’re getting closer?