DARK TOWER TV Series Still In The Works

Director Nikolaj Arcel sounds hopeful.

The Dark Tower is coming out this week. Of course we’re all pretty excited about it, but as of now, reviews are not out, and it’s very hard to tell what kind of future this series will get. There are ambitious plans to fill blanks between films with seasons of television, specifically one that will cover King’s fourth entry, Wizard and Glass. But if the movie fails, those plans probably don’t have a hope in Mid-World.

Director Nikolaj Arcel doesn’t care. He’s going for it (from IndieWire):

“It’s being written,” Arcel said of the long-gestating series. “I was part of writing the pilot, like the first season ideas and the pilot and the second episode. It’s gonna be awesome. What was exciting about that, whereas with the film, we were really trying to create an introduction and make a standalone film that could sort of live in itself, but what was also exciting, working on the TV show at the same time, is that is totally canon.”

He added, “We’re going back in the past. It’s very, very closely adhering to the ‘Wizard and Glass’ novel and parts of ‘The Gunslinger’ novel. That was exciting to be even more like, ‘Okay, now we’re going to be able to even lift lines directly, or like [write] characters exactly as they are. Which, as a fan, was exciting in a different way.”

While this is already curious given the film’s rather slight promotional campaign, I’m also interested in how much the series will be canon, like Arcel claims. As you probably already know, this week’s movie isn’t an adaptation of King’s books as much as a sequel of sorts. It sounds like this particular, first part of Roland’s journey toward the tower will play out much as it did in the books (though without certain characters in the wrap-around segments).

I want The Dark Tower to be good AND do well, if only because I want this TV show. King fans like myself have waited so long for this. It would be a crushing disappointment to get this close and have it all fall apart.