MOTHER! Gets A Teaser For A Trailer For The Movie

Thirty seconds of awesome.

Darren Aronofsky appears to be coming back in a big way with this year’s Mother! which looks to be his take on a for-real horror film (I mean, more so than Black Swan), a bold choice considering Mother! clearly takes place in the Airplane! universe.

The film is getting a trailer on the 8th, but in typical modern movie marketing fashion, that trailer now has its very own teaser:

So there you go! I don’t know what all there is to say here other than it looks both great and scary. Plus, the film has a solid R-rating, which bodes well.

We’ll know more next week when the actual trailer hits. And then we’ll look back at this teaser and ponder how stupid we were, just one week before, back in those The Mooch days.