New VICE PRINCIPALS Season Two Trailer Asks “Who Shot Gamby?”

September 17th can't come fast enough.

Perhaps the greatest element of Jody Hill’s work is his willingness to go as dark as humanly possible (just see the whole of Observe & Report for the best example). Following a string of bad behavior, arson, racism and general insanity during the first semester of Vice Principals – Hill and Danny McBride’s follow-up to their HBO all-timer, Eastbound and Down – the closing moments found co-VP Neil Gamby (McBride) getting gunned down in the parking lot of North Jackson High. It’s the anarchic creative team’s answer to Dallas ‘who shot JR?’, a question we here at BMD have been dying to know the answer to ever since S01 faded to black.

Well, looks like the new Vice Principals Season Two trailer is telling us that’s exactly what we’re getting with this next go-round (complete with foul-mouthed Walton Goggins to spare). While only a minute long, we really don’t need much more to sell us on a new batch of what’s probably going to be pitch perfect debauchery. But if you’re not on board this train already, the masterminds behind the show have promised that this central mystery is going to play out like a Brian De Palma picture. Yeah, sure. Make the wait for September 17 that much harder.

Check out the new spot for the Final Semester below and begin counting the days.