The Trailer For Sundance Hit CALL ME BY YOUR NAME Is Here And Hot

The impossibly gorgeous film gets a great trailer.

Luca Guadagnino's Call Me By Your Name is the one film out of Sundance that I absolutely cannot stop thinking about. It's the most beautiful movie I expect to see this year, golden and thoughtful and extraordinarily sensual. And today we've got a trailer that gives you a glimpse at some of its singular beauty. 

Here's a summary, if for some reason you need more info than the above offers: 

Summer of 1983, Northern Italy. An American-Italian is enamored by an American student who comes to study and live with his family. Together they share an unforgettable summer full of music, food, and romance that will forever change them.

The film is based on the acclaimed novel by André Aciman, and it hits theaters November 24. You can read my review out of Sundance here