MINDHUNTER Trailer: A First Look At David Fincher’s Return To True Crime

This could be great.

You might have heard that Netflix is spending a bit of coin on original content. Some might say too much. I say this is a glorious time for content creators.

Submitted as evidence: the new serial killer series Mindhunter, three episodes of which are directed by the man who gave us the best true crime film of the 21st century, David Fincher.

That trailer doesn’t really have a ton of Fincher magic in it, but the amount of goodwill I’m ready to extend to a Fincher-produced series about fictionalized versions of FBI agents John E. Douglas (Jonathan Groff) and Robert Ressler (Holt McCallany) as they pursue the most notorious serial killers of the 1970s (Edmund Kemper, Dennis Rader, et al) cannot be accurately measured. This could be something very special indeed.

Mindhunter arrives on October 13th.