Scott Adkins Kicks Ass Left And Right In Exclusive SAVAGE DOG Clip

Guys, this movie is the goods.

I really enjoyed Savage Dog at Fantasia this year and can’t wait for you all to get your chance to see it. Not only is Adkins in fine form here, playing a boxer who goes on a revenge-fueled killing spree, but the film also serves as an introduction to Jesse V. Johnson, who I think will soon become one of our marquee B-action directors.

So I’m very excited to host this exclusive clip from the film:

That right there is a great montage of Scott Adkins beating the shit out of dudes. Nothing more, nothing less. This is from the middle part of the film, just before things get really, really bloody. Seriously, when you see how Adkins takes out his final foe you will howl.

Savage Dog hits theaters on the 4th and VOD and iTunes on the 8th. If you love great action, don’t miss it.