Clint Howard Is Coming To The STAR WARS Galaxy

Goddammit, finally.

Nepotism. Usually it’s a bad thing (what up, Trump kids), but sometimes it’s okay.

This is a time when it’s okay. We all know super exciting filmmaker Ron Howard is now in charge of the young Han Solo movie. That’s cool and all, but the main question it brings up is whether or not he’ll give a role (as he often does) to his brother Clint.

I mean, how could he not in this case? Clint Howard has already long conquered Star Trek, as you can see here:

No, sorry. I meant here:

My dude also played a Ferengi in Enterprise and a red-blooded full-grown man-child on DS9. It was only a matter of time before Clint got his chance to take over the other half of our Star Hearts, whether he had his brother’s help or not.

Still, he did have his brother’s help and it looks like he’s going to appear in the young Han Solo movie, at least according to a tweet from Ron Howard, assuring a fan that Clint will be present:

So there you go. The galaxy is safe, and we now have at least one part of the young Han Solo movie to look forward to.