We’ve Got Dates And Details On DCTV’s Next Crossover Event

And this time SUPERGIRL will actually be a part of it!

The biggest yearly event for DCTV is indisputably their massive crossovers. There are always fun little one-offs here and there throughout the seasons, but their crossovers always inevitably turn into a large, split up, TV movie of sorts. Though Supergirl hasn't really been a part of the fray for its first two seasons (it was technically a part of the Invasion event last year, but served more as a lead-in than anything), it will finally be joining the rest of the hero shows in full fledged crossover glory. This is exceptional news, and it's not the only tidbit to come out of the TCAs, either.

In addition to moving from the three-hour to four-hour crossover event, the shows will also air in a span of two nights instead of four. This may mean that we see a big cliffhanger between the two, but it also means that we're basically getting back to back Justice League movies in live action form that have a bit more hope sprinkled in than what we've come to expect from the DCEU. Supergirl and Arrow will kick things off Monday night (this is a one-time move for Arrow, don't panic), followed up by The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow on Tuesday.

Wondering when to mark your calendars? Mark Pedowitz gave us those details too. The event will be November 27th - 28th, which means you'll still be trippin' on tryptophan and stuffing yourself on leftover turkey sandwiches while you watch (assuming you're in America).

What are you hoping to see in this year's crossover event?