Hey, Los Angeles: Go See HOW TO BUILD A TIME MACHINE At Cinefamily Next Weekend

One of the year's best documentaries is coming to LA.

I first saw Jay Cheel's How To Build A Time Machine last year, and completely fell in love with the movie. An Errol Morris-esque meditation on obsession, regret, and - you guessed it - time travel, Cheel's film is a helluva watch, and one I'm all too happy to recommend to anyone with a love for documentaries. 

And now I'm excited to report that our Los Angeles-based readers will have a one-night-only chance to see the film for themselves on the big screen: next Sunday, How To Build A Time Machine will screen at The Cinefamily (get your tickets here), and I strongly urge any of our LA-based readers to give it a whirl. 

Here's the trailer.

How To Build A Time Machine is a weird, moving, and ultimately bittersweet doc that I'd definitely count amongst the best I've seen in the past few years, but I've been frustrated in my inability to widely recommend the film because it's mostly screened during film festival runs and private engagements. Here's a perfect opportunity for some of you to go see it in a theater, and I hope you'll take my advice on that front. 

Again, Los Angeles-based readers are encouraged to head on over to this page to pick up your tickets (while they last!). Everyone else is encouraged to cross their fingers and hope that How To Build A Time Machine ends up on one of the bajillion streaming services we're all using.