This DEATH WISH Trailer Needs To Read The Room

Jeez, movie.

When it came out that Bruce Willis was going to star in a remake of Death Wish directed by Eli Roth, many of us probably assumed the venture would be wrongheaded and offensive. These just are not good days for movies about white vigilantes using lethal violence to clean up the streets. In a fucking hoodie.

Turns out it might be even worse than we thought:

My inclination is to just back away from this thing slowly. It feels like a ticking time bomb and I don’t want to be around when it goes off. How many bad ideas can you stack up in one trailer? Whatever number you come up with, Death Wish might have it beat. On top of that, it just looks so flat and generic. Bruce Willis is awake though. I guess that’s something?

Death Wish comes out sometime in November. I don’t know which day. Your racist grandpa will probably tell you, though.

There's also a poster: