Announcing The Great Debate: THE DARK TOWER

Should Stephen King books be adapted to film?

It's time for another Great Debate, and this time I'm going up against the great Candice Frederick (who participated in our very first Great Debate!) to talk a topic that is very relevant to our respective interests: Stephen King. In light of The Dark Tower, in theaters today, we're asking: do Stephen King's books suffer or benefit from adaptation to film? 

And despite this whole article to the contrary, I'm a book purist at heart, so I'll be arguing against adaptation. Candice will be debating on behalf of adaptation. 

So watch The Dark Tower this weekend so you can participate! We'll be debating on Monday, so be ready. And heads up - Candice and I are both writing about The Bard of Maine in BMD's Stephen King issue. Candice wrote a beautiful piece about Carrie and I'm discussing The Stand, so if that's your cup of tea, pre-order your issue now