Empire’s THOR: RAGNAROK Cover Is Hela Good

Not your average magazine sleeve.

The folks at Empire Magazine do some great work, whether it's on-set details of the next upcoming blockbuster, or costume reveals via 25-interlocking X-Men covers. Okay, so maybe they can't all be hits, but the cover for their Thor: Ragnarok issue is pretty far removed from their usual output.

This thing is pretty awesome:

Tag yourself, I'm Hela enjoying some casual destruction before brunch.

The cover is by Russell Dauterman, who does the art for Marvel's Mighty Thor series (the adventures of Jane Foster once she picked up the hammer), so there was no way this wasn't going to be good. It's available only to subscribers, but it seems like a worthwhile investment should they put out more work like this in the near future.

Thor: Ragnarok arrives November 3rd.

Author's Note: Yeah, I said "Hela Good," do not @ me or my large adult sons.