Dat Boi Pennywise Is Up To His Old Tricks Again In Two New IT TV Spots

What a rascal.

We're only about a month away from Andy Muschietti's It hitting theaters, which means we're probably entering the "blitzkrieg" phase of the film's marketing campaign: we're gonna see new photos, new trailers, new footage (a four-minute clip is apparently dropping next week, and if it's not the "Georgie goes boating" scene I'll eat a balloon), and a slew of new TV spots.

Whether or not you want to indulge in all this will depend on your tolerance for having the film's scares spoiled for you. I'd love to walk into It as cold as possible, but I gotta admit: I cannot get enough of this footage, and am powerless against watching it. It's just so damn good.

Take these new TV spots.

The gag at the end of this one, with Pennywise popping up in the background of a kids' TV show, is fantastic. That's a new addition - a moment that didn't occur in either the Stephen King novel or the ABC miniseries - and I love it. 

Then there's this spot, which features more Pennywise dialogue and a brand-new look at his terrifying mug (it's also an international spot, which explains the "MUY PRONTO" and the subtitles). Remember when we all thought this version of Pennywise was kind of underwhelming? I can't recall the last time I pulled such a hard 180 on a production design. My mans looks goddamn terrifying.

Anyway, there'll surely be more to come (stay tuned for that clip next week), so buckle up. In the meantime, weigh in with your thoughts and feelings on the above in the space provided below. Y'all as excited for this one as we are? 

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