JOHNNY ENGLISH 3 Is Real, Has Begun Filming


The Johnny English films are incredibly silly, but they're also my kind of silly. Entries into the parody "genre" that diverge from their American counterparts by steering away from overt infantilism, working within the confines of British spy sophistication for greater comedic contrast via a who's who of stellar actors, led by none other than Rowan Atkinson. That doesn't mean they're more sophisticated, it just means they pretend to be. 

Did you know John Malkovich was in the first one? Or that Daniel Kaluuya and Gillian Anderson were in the second? You'd be forgiven for forgetting (I never said these movies were bonafide classics), but with a third film now around the corner, I'm starting to wonder who they'll bring on board. Per Working Title Films, there's no word yet on who the film will feature (one would assume Atkinson returns as Dumb 007), but we do know that David Kerr of That Mitchell and Webb Look will direct, so that's a pretty good sign. 

Did you know this was happening? I sure didn't, and I actually like these movies. They're basically a reaction-shot showcase for one of Britain's greatest comedic talents, like so:

Johnny English 3 currently has a UK release date of October 12th 2018. No word on an American release yet, but we'll keep you posted.