Hey, Los Angeles: Come Hang Out With Pennywise At THE IT EXPERIENCE

Take a nice, soothing stroll through the House on Niebolt Street.

Y'ever find yourself daydreaming about what it might be like to stroll through the House on Niebolt Street from Stephen King's It? Sure, guaranteed doom awaits in the basement, and yeah, there's a very untoward leper hanging around the grounds, but still: the interior can't be all bad, can it?

OK, fine, maybe it can. 

Thanks to the good folks behind Andy Muschietti's It, anyone in Los Angeles between August 14th and September 10th can stroll on down to Hollywood and Vine and experience the House on Niebolt Street for themselves in something they're calling The It Experience.

What precisely does that entail? According to the website...

"The house will be open to the public daily August 14th - September 10th from 1pm-11pm. Admission is free. Those who are 18 and over are welcome (at their own risk) to step inside the two story replica of 'where IT lives'. Guests will be guided by "Georgie" through the 5,000 sq. foot house and will venture room by room through immersive film inspired scenes complete with authentic set props. "Losers Club" groups of 7 will journey through a 20 minute experience encountering pneumatic surprises, live actors, animatronic beings, and state of the art lighting, audio, and video."

Whoa, a 20-minute It-themed experience loaded with live actors, pneumatic surprises and animatronic beings? That sounds like a sure-fire way to have a full-blown panic attack in public, and I'm legitimately jealous of anyone who's able to undertake that adventure (our own Brian Collins is looking into making the trip himself, so stay tuned for some possible coverage from the frontlines in the not-so-distant future). 

Are you in the Los Angeles area? Think you'll give The It Experience a go? Sound off in the comments below. We need to know who our braver readers are.