TRYING TIMES Podcast Episode Six: The Corey Feldman Concert

In which Scott, Shultz and special guest Evan Saathoff make a terrible group decision.

The seat-of-our-pants nature of Trying Times means that some episodes are more uneven than others, but this month? Oh, this month we're very happy with how things turned out.

This one's something of a two-parter, with Shultz and I joined by BMD's own Evan Saathoff for both segments. In part one, Shultz grills Evan and I on the misadventures we had during this year's SDCC (including, but not limited to, the smells of SDCC, the epic game of Jenga the BMD crew played in a bar one night, and my ongoing struggles with drunken sleepwalking), and in part two, all three of us recount the unfortunate experience we recently shared at a Corey Feldman And The Angles concert.

Yes, that Corey Feldman.

If you're unaware, Corey Feldman is currently touring the country as the frontman for Corey And The Angels, a band comprised of Corey Feldman and a number of lovely young ladies who are pictured on the band's tour poster wearing lingerie and angel wings. Evan was originally meant to do this challenge alone, but at the last minute Shultz and I decided to tag along...and to shell out for the meet-and-greet with Feldman himself.

As you might expect, there were shenanigans. And, as always, lessons learned.

The details surrounding our next episode are still being hammered out, but right now it's looking like the challenge will involve me confronting my greatest fear. We've got a very exciting guest penciled in, as well, but we're still working out the timing on that end of things (*crosses fingers*). We're also looking ahead: even as we speak, Shultz and I have begun researching the particulars on a challenge we're calling "Left For Dead", which...well, that one's not going to be pleasant. But as you know, the more unpleasant the challenge, the better the show seems to be. By that rationale, that "Left For Dead" challenge should lead to one of our best episodes ever.

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Stay tuned, folks! Next episode will be along in just a few weeks!