Mads Mikkelsen Cast As Mayor Prentiss In CHAOS WALKING

A weird but welcome choice!

As a big fan of Patrick Ness’ Chaos Walking series, I’ve been following news about the upcoming adaptation with great interest. So far everything looks great. Doug Liman is directing, while Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley have both joined as the film’s stars.

But there are tons of other roles, and one of the biggest is Mayor Prentiss, the main antagonist of the first two books (it gets a bit complicated after that). Today, Patrick Ness himself announced on Twitter that Prentiss would be played by non other than our boy Mads Mikkelsen.

This is an interesting bit of casting for me, as I never imagined Mayor Prentiss as a sexy dude. And Mads is very much a sexy dude:

I’m willing to take it in stride, however, simply because I’m so excited for this film and the casting has been great so far. I got that Doug Liman trust.