New Trailer For THE GIFTED: A World Without X-Men

The Fox/Marvel series drops an interesting hint.

The X-Men films have always played fast and loose with continuity, and the same goes for its televised extensions. It works as part of Legion, a headtrip that feels untethered from time itself, though whether or not The Gifted will be able have its cake and eat it too in terms of being an X-Men-adjacent show remains to be seen.

The new trailer seems to think so:

A world where the X-Men and The Brotherhood may no longer exist, eh? That certainly explains why this thing looks and feels so isolated from the rest of the franchise. If you're still somehow a stickler for canon seventeen years in, maybe it takes place somewhere between the future epilogue of X-Men: Days of Future Past and the events of Logan. Or maybe it takes place in an alternate reality where they didn't have the budget for lightly dyed leather outfits and bigtime CGI. Showrunner Matt Nix calls the X-Men's absence "one of the central mysteries of the show," so maybe I'm just being cynical. 

What do you folks think? Has anything managed to sell you on this so far? The Gifted airs October 2nd, and I guess I'll be tuning in since I'm addicted to branding. It's a problem.