The HELLBOY Reboot Has A Blood Queen: Milla Jovovich

Ian McShane is in this too.

While the film is no longer called Hellboy: The Blood Queen (porbably because someone realized she's actually "The Queen of Blood"), the villainess Nimue is still set to play a part in Neil Marshall's reboot, played by none other than Leeloo Dallas Multipass herself, Milla Jovovich.

Deadline reports the Resident Evil 1 through 6 actress is in final talks to join David Harbour's Hellboy and Ian McShane's Professor Broom as the Lady of the Lake, a Mike Mignola creation based on Arthurian Legend. Also, Ian McShane is in this. We somehow missed that news from last week, but in our defense, it's been really hard to come to terms with yet another entry in the Amazing Sounding Guillermo Del Toro Projects That Never Happened canon. 

The new Hellboy arrives sometime in 2018.