Bryan Fuller Says Talks Have Begun On Bringing Back HANNIBAL

Don't get TOO excited, though. That's literally all we know.

Sometimes a little hope is all you need to make it through the day. It may be false hope built upon shaky foundation, but a little self-deception never hurt anyone.

What I’m getting at with this involves Hannibal, a show whose death fans have had a very hard time accepting. Hannibal is probably not coming back. But - and let’s be careful with that but - Bryan Fuller has confirmed that he and Martha De Laurentiis have started talking about doing something new with the show.

This may seem late for such things, but apparently they could not discuss Hannibal until two years after the show went off the air, this in accordance to rules of the strange and esoteric elf magicks that allowed them to get the show on in the first place:

Where does that leave you, gentle Hannibal fan? Well, your show still has a long way to go before getting back on the air. But we are a people who live off hope. May this tiny bit sustain you and not drive you to insanity.