Nick Jonas Joinases The Cast Of CHAOS WALKING

Some masterclass headline writing, there.

It is apparently Chaos Walking season, as the film is starting to cast the shit out of itself. This started yesterday with news that Mads Mikkelsen had joined the film as the villainous Mayor Prentiss and continues today with news of who will play his son.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Dunkirk star and “MMMBop” co-writer Nick Jonas will play Davy Prentiss Jr., the mayor’s grumpy kid. Davy is a conflicted character who longs for his dad’s love but instead gets cucked by Tom Holland’s character. Things don’t go well.

I really can’t recommend this book series enough, by the way. It’s about a crazy planet where there are only men and people see each other’s thoughts instead of speak. Then a single girl whose thoughts can’t be read shows up, and all the dudes flip the fuck out and become assholes. Clearly it is science fiction.

I assume we’ll be getting more casting news for this in the immediate future. This is one I am very excited about.