Riz Ahmed Could Join The VENOM Spin-Off

He may or may not be Carnage.

I think most folks would agree that a solo Venom movie semi-connected (if at all) to the new Spider-Man films isn't the most exciting idea, and yet the cast being assembled makes it seem like it could be. In talks to join Tom Hardy's Venom/Eddie Brock in this bizarre Sony endeavor is none other than rapper and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story star Riz Ahmed.

But in what part?

The Hollywood Reporter believes it's specifically not the role of Carnage, a.k.a. dog drillin', grandma killin', pushes-girls-who-reject-him-in-front-of-a-bus Cletus Cassidy, but they also say he was in fact considered for the big, red, slimy antagonist before certain script changes. On the other hand, The Tracking Board's Jeff Sneider is hearing a lot of conflicting things, but says a trustworthy source insists Riz is playing Carnage. And on a mysterious third hand, Variety's Justin Kroll reports Matt Smith (Doctor Who, Terminator: Salvation), Pedro Pascal (Game of Thrones, The Great Wall) and Mathias Schoenarts (Far from the Madding Crowd, my dreams) are or were up for the part as well, though the only thing anyone seems sure about is that Riz is taking meetings.

I decided to do some digging and asked around Hollywood myself, and word on the street is "What's a Carnage?" and "Venom? The guy from the '90s? Sounds like a dumb idea for a movie," so interpret that as you will. We'll know what Riz is getting up to in the Sony Spin-Off Universe soon enough anyway, since Venom arrives October 5th 2018.