You Need To See This Short Film About Robert Pattinson Trying To Eat A Hot Dog

This is very, very silly. And very, VERY funny.

In a new short film produced by the good folks over at GQ, Good Time star Robert Pattinson experiences something of an existential crisis while attempting to track down a hot dog in New York City. It is inexplicably hilarious.

Please watch it now.

We're not sure what inspired Pattinson to write this or how he convinced Vikram Gandhi to direct the piece, but we are incredibly happy it exists. Just about everything going on here is funny, and we're legit impressed by Pattinson's willingness to get so...weird. It's absolutely delightful, and just the latest bit of proof that Pattinson probably isn't the vapid pretty boy so many of us unfairly wrote him off as back when the Twilight franchise was rocketing him to stardom.

You're officially alright in our book, Robert Pattinson (and, by the way, Good Time is apparently excellent. It hits theaters tomorrow and we can't wait to see it).