Betty Gabriel Gets In WESTWORLD With A Viking And A Tryant

Yes. Yes. Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes.

Well before Get Out made waves in cinemas, its trailer went viral and Betty Gabriel's unsettling repetition of "No" became something of a sensation. What's more, it ended up being fantastic in context too, along with the rest of her performance! Now the Good Girls Revolt actress is making her way back to television in the form of Westworld. Heck yes. 

The HBO series has just added Gustaf Skarsgård of Vikings as Karl Strand, a white-collar expert out in the field, Fares Fares of Tryant as tech expert Antoine Costaand Gabriel as Maling who, according to Deadline, is trying to restore order on the ground after last season's robot murder kerfuffle, courtesy of Dolores Abernathy. All three will be recurring roles. 

Westworld season 2 begins in the spring of 2018. We'll keep you posted as we learn more. In the meantime, enjoy some Radiohead by way of Ramin Djawadi: