Here’s Two More Spooky New Images From IT

This movie cannot get here quickly enough.

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Thanks to the good folks at Entertainment Weekly, we've got two brand-new photos from Andy Muschietti's It for you today. The first one's focused on the Losers Club, second one's focused on that fun-loving scamp, Pennywise.

Let's take a look.

So here's the Losers Club, just the kinda thing the Losers Club likes to do. Y'know, hanging out together as a unit, bonding over a shared existential dread, climbing around sewer tunnels and trying not to get killed by a murderous clown. Classic Losers Club stuff (#squadgoals).

And here's a fresh look at Bill Skarsgård's Pennywise the Clown. You'll remember this shot from one of those recently-released TV spots. What we're seeing here is Pennywise offering the perpetually-ill Eddie Kaspbrak a balloon. 

We're less than a month away from Andy Muschietti's It hitting theaters, and the Birth.Movies.Death. crew could not be more hyped about it (quite frankly, after The Dark Tower, us Stephen King nerds really need a win). Y'all as excited as we are? 

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