THE DEATH OF STALIN Trailer Is Fantastic

This one already looks like a total slam dunk.

Armando Iannucci is coming back to the big screen (thank goodness) this year with The Death of Stalin, another political satire, this time exploring… well it’s right there in the title. Check out the first trailer:

Obviously, trailers are meant to make movies look great, but sometimes they lie to you. This does not look like one of those cases. Even before the trailer came out, this was one to look forward to on the strength of In the Loop, The Think of It and Veep alone. But I mean, watch that trailer. This looks fucking fantastic.

The Death of Stalin stars Jeffrey Tambor, Olga Kurylenko, Steve Buscemi and Michael Fucking Palin. It comes out next year and may offer us a small dose of sanity in times of trouble. I can’t wait.