Drop What You’re Doing And Look At Mondo’s Amazing ANOMALISA Soundtrack

This is jaw-droppingly cool.

The folks at Mondo are known for going above and beyond when it comes to the packaging on their collectibles, and the work they've done in the world of collectible vinyl (alongside Death Waltz Records) is no different: time and again, the thought and care put into the average Mondo soundtrack presentation is just as worth owning as the music itself. 

This time, though...this time, they've really outdone themselves.

How amazing is that? Also amazing: the set only costs $30. One thousand copies of Carter Burwell's score are being produced (according to IndieWire, 999 are being pressed on 180 gram black vinyl, but one will be pressed on 180 gram Cincinnati sunrise vinyl), and all copies will be available to purchase via Mondo's website this Wednesday (the 16th).

Here's a full track listing, if you're curious:

Side A
01. Overture
02. Welcome To The Fregoli
03. Cin Cin City
04. Another Person
05. None Of Them Are You
06. Fregola Elevator
07. Lisa In His Room
08. Girls Just Want To Have Fun

Side B
09. Anomalisa
10. Cincinnati Sunrise
11. My Name Is Lawrence Gill
12. Breakfast With Lisa
13. Michael's Speech
14. Goddess Of Heaven

And here's a statement from Alan Hynes, the artist who designed this particular set:

Deciding what to create for the pop-up was a challenge. I felt the ubiquitous stand-up cutouts that are often used in pop-up record sleeves wouldn’t do the level of complexity and creativity present in the film proper justice so I began looking at making the actual vinyl record itself stand-up. Initially a major concern was warping of the records due to pressure from the folded pop-up parts when closed so I figured the solution was to have equal pressure points on both sides. This is where the idea to have symmetrical hotel room structures came from, with the “headboards” providing the support and a slot for the record to be inserted and stand straight up in the middle.

Much of the main character Michaels’ time is idly spent in hotel lobby bars as the sodden napkin design of the cover attests to. Opening the gatefold, the pop-up reveals identical hotel rooms differentiated only by the books on the bed. The banal and mundane nature of the rooms is contrasted by an expanse of sky above the beds which adds a surreal tone so often present in Kaufmans’ films. The sky also represents an escape from the confines below and the type of freedom that only dreams can provide. Despite the sombre mood of the film there are some genuinely funny moments and the awkward, fumbling key-card scene is one everybody can relate to. In the context of the record design, the key-card styled inner sleeve doubles as a room divider or barrier and is an apt metaphor for the potent themes of loneliness, solitude and isolation present in the story.

Again, all 1,000 copies of Mondo's Anomalisa soundtrack will hit their site sometime on Wednesday, August 16th. We'll be watching closely for this drop, how 'bout you folks?