The Chameleon Could Show Up In SILVER AND BLACK

Along with Tombstone and Tarantula.

The House of Bad Ideas simply won't let this one die, but you can't say it doesn't have the right talent involved. Between Tom Hardy and Riz Ahmed in Venom and Gina Prince-Bythewood directing Silver and Black, Sony's Spider-Man Villains Without Spider-Man Universe (The SSMVWSMU from this point forward) is starting to look interesting, at the very least. Hopefully that trend will continue with this latest batch of credible villain rumours.

Jeff Sneider of The Tracking Board usually knows what's up, and what's up in the SSMV... thing is that Marvel villain The Chameleon could play a part in the 2019 anti-hero team up. That'd be Dmitri Smerdyakov, half-brother to none other than Kraven The Hunter (who's also rumoured to be getting his own movie at some point) and, as the name suggests, master of disguise. He's able to shape-shift in some versions of the comics, like in the Ultimate Universe where there's two of him for some reason, but for the most part he's just a guy who does impressions. I really hope that's the version they go with in this world of assassins and symbiotes. Just a guy who's really committed to his bit. 

Also potentially showing up in Silver and Black are Tombstone and Tarantula. Tombstone a.k.a. Lonnie Lincoln is interesting; he's big and he's strong and his bad guy origin is he's made fun of for being Harlem's only African American albino, so he leans way into it and files his teeth into points and speaks mostly in whispers, like some kind of vampire henchman. He looks like this:

I've... never come across Tarantula before, but he looks like this:

Into it.

Apprently he's the Captain America equivalent in the South American country of Delvadia (Marvel sure loves their fictional nations), and several people have taken on the mantle: revolutionary Anton Miguel Rodriguez, Government operative Luis Alvarez, Anton's daughter Jacinda Rodriguez, and some fourth dude they never bothered to name. One of these Tarantulas was also in cahoots with Black Cat at some point so this makes sense, at least as much as a pointy-shoed South American Spider-Captain America can. Here's an Amazon Prime video review of his action figure

Silver and Black makes its way to theatres February 8th 2019.