Alamo Drafthouse & Mondo Are Teaming Up For A Very Special Screening Of FIGHT CLUB

In which David Fincher's all-singing, all-dancing black comedy gets a special one-night-only screening.

On September 19th, the Alamo Drafthouse and the good folks at Mondo are teaming up for a very special, one-night-only screening of David Fincher's Fight Club. Included in the price of each ticket is a badass t-shirt designed by We Buy Your Kids. Also available: a must-have pint glass, brilliantly designed by the great Alan Hynes.

We are Jack's complete lack of surprise.

"Alamo Drafthouse and Mondo are teaming up to bring director David Fincher’s bone-bruisingly hilarious adaptation of author Chuck Palahniuk’s Western culture takedown back to our screens this September.

One of the most revered films of the last two decades, FIGHT CLUB is much more than an angry screed against consumerism and complacency. Packed with ideas straight from the grimiest depths -- basement slugfests, support group tourism, subliminal pornography -- it’s also a guide to better living (and what you can do with excess human fat).

And, because clothes really define us as people, we’re happy to tell you that for a limited time, each ticket purchase includes an exclusive “SLIDE” FIGHT CLUB t-shirt designed by Sonny Day / WBYK and produced by Mondo.

Not enough? Mondo and artist Alan Hynes have created an educational and hopefully legal pint glass that you can purchase only with your ticket to FIGHT CLUB. It’ll look great smashed over someone’s cranium or perfectly perched on your perfect Fruktbar coffee table."

Now let's take a look at that merch... 

Look, the chance to see Fight Club in a theater again is worth celebrating on its own, but let's take a moment to appreciate how killer that merch is: WBYK's shirt absolutely nails the film's tone (and incorporate one of its most indelible images!), and that pint-glass is yet another masterstroke from Hynes, who designed Mondo's Fight Club soundtrack last year (that vinyl set had some of the coolest packaging we've ever seen; relive the magic here).

Anyway, we are all in for this one, and if you live anywhere near an Alamo Drafthouse, we want you to come with. Head on over to this page to secure your tickets, but act fast: given the rarity of seeing Fight Club in a theater and the undeniable badassery of that merch, we don't expect those tickets to last long.