That Rascal Louis C.K. Made A Feature Film In Secret

Meet I LOVE YOU, DADDY. Also, be careful Googling it.

Few artists are out there challenging the way media is made and distributed like Louis C.K. The guy put out an album directly through his website, created a season of television that you paid for all at once, and now has made an entire film in secret.

Announced today by TIFF, which will premiere the film, I Love You, Daddy is C.K.’s first feature film since the totally underrated and awesome Pootie Tang, though I doubt it will be quite as funny. Its secret nature doesn’t mean it’ll be bereft of familiar faces. Alongside Louis C.K., the film features Cloe Grace Moretz, Helen Hunt, John Malkovich, Rose Byrne, Charlie Day and Pamela Aldon. It’s also a black and white film shot on 35mm.

All we know about the film plot-wise is that Louis C.K. plays a “successful television producer and writer”. Moretz will play his daughter.

Still, this is exciting news and we look forward to hearing more about the film when it finally plays the fest, after which it’ll likely be available to purchase with a currency of C.K.’s design in one specific, unmarked New York alleyway.