THE MYEROWITZ STORIES Gets A Short, Musical Trailer

Who the hell is Myron/Byron?

Every once in a while, a movie comes out that threatens to legitimize Adam Sandler. I am more on Team Sandler than not, so I always hold out hope they can do the job. This latest one has a pretty good shot. It stars Sandler alongside Ben Stiller, Emma Thompson and Dustin Hoffman. It’s also directed by Noah Baumback and boy oh boy does it look like it:

I don’t know that this trailer sums up the movie very well, but it sure gives you a sense of tone, starting pretty early with a card that reads “Baumbach may be American cinema’s greatest chronicler of family dysfunction” giving people who can’t stand NPR plenty of time to run away screaming.

And here I am, a solid representative of the middle when it comes to the opposite tornadoes represented by Baumbach and Sandler, unsure where to go. Actually, who am I kidding. The chances of me watching this are very high. Especially since it's coming right to Netflix.

What about you? Does the Sandler element ruin the whole thing for you or is it something you look forward to checking out?