New MOTHER Trailer Is Still Heavy On Scares, But Light On New Footage

Just as it should be.

Last week the first full-length trailer for Darren Aronofsky's Mother arrived, and for many of us, it was a reason to celebrate: here was a brand-new movie from one of our best working directors, featuring an all-star cast, a mysterious premise, and a release date. That was it! Nothing further to go on, no spoilery official plot synopsis to be disappointed by. Whatever surprises Mother contains, they were being kept firmly under wraps. We rejoiced.

Now comes another Mother trailer. It's very light on new footage - there's some new shots at the end, and a bit of new dialogue is heard in voiceover - but somehow it feels markedly more spoilery than the previous trailer. I regret having watched it.

But, hey, it's your click! Make your choice.

We're still not entirely sure what game Mother is playing (to my eyes, this looks like it's going to fall somewhere in between Polanski's Rosemary's Baby and Ben Wheatley's Kill List, which is an intoxicating combination if I've ever heard one), but we do know that we're hyped to find out what it is. From here on out, though? No more trailers, please. We are sold, and would prefer not to be oversold. 

Mother arrives in theaters on September 15th. We'll be there on opening night.