The Alamo Drafthouse Is Throwing A 30th Anniversary Tour For THE MONSTER SQUAD

With cast members in attendance! And signed posters! Get in here!

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Alamo Drafthouse, and we've got all manner of awesome events planned in celebration of that milestone: specialty screenings, parties, surprise guest appearances at events - it's shaping up to be one helluva year. And now we've added another awesome event to the schedule: The Monster Squad 30th Anniversary Tour, which kicks off later this month!

Featuring coast-to-coast screenings at a number of Alamo Drafthouse locations, the Monster Squad 30th Anniversary Tour is also functioning as something of a reunion - each screening will feature an appearance from three of the film's cast members (Andre Gower, Ryan Lambert, and Ashley Bank), as well as specialty mini-posters, each of which will be signed by the cast members in attendance! 

Here's the news, straight from the Alamo Drafthouse website:

"The most masterful, monster-full ‘80s masterpiece turns 30 this year. That’s three full decades of being out in the world to school young and impressionable minds on vital topics like the major monster groups, proper cussing technique, and lycanthrope anatomy. To celebrate, we’re getting the Squad back together for a coast-to-coast anniversary tour! 

Join stars Andre Gower, Ryan Lambert, and Ashley Bank — that's Sean, little sister Phoebe, and Rudy — for a night of remembering, reminiscing, and raging anti-monster justice on the big screen! Whether it’s your first or 101st time, you’ll find it physically impossible not to pump your fist along with this of story monster-obsessed kids saving their small town from that old bloodsucker Drac and his heck-raising pals. Stars Andre, Ryan, and Ashley will be on hand to bookend the show, sharing stories and taking questions you’ve been waiting pretty much your whole life to ask. Plus, every guest will receive a mini-poster signed by the cast in attendance!

So gather your treehouse pals, grab some tickets and get ready to save the world from monsterkind with little more than your guts, a handful of silver bullets, a few sharpened stakes, and some really well-deployed swear words."

As you might expect, tickets are going fast, so head on over to this page right now to secure your seats! And, hey, if you're curious about further Alamo20 events, head over to this page! We have so much fun stuff planned for everyone this year, and you're gonna want to stay on top of these things as they get announced. Here's hoping we see some of you Birth.Movies.Death. readers out there!