New VICE PRINCIPALS Trailer Promises A Wild Second Season

There's no other way to put this: HOLY SHIT.

We were already unreasonably excited about the return of HBO's Vice Principals (back on the air as of September 17th), but today we've been gifted with a new trailer for the show's second season, and it has raised our hype levels to a degree that might best be described as "radioactively feverish". 

Just look at this.

There's almost too much going on here: Danny McBride on an obsessive quest to find out who attacked him at the end of season one, Walton Goggins reaching all-new levels of Walton Gogginsness, a legit mystery to be solved (with a number of possible suspects!), booby traps in the woods, hijinks and intrigue taking place against the backdrop of the school prom...oh, man. We cannot wait to see where Jody Hill takes us this year.

As you know, we regret not being more vocal about Vice Principals during its first season run, so I'm pleased to report that my forever-boo, Phil Nobile Jr., and I will be tag-teaming recaps this season. If you're not already caught up with the show, please do so between now and September 17th, so that you might come on this magical journey with us. We're so excited.