Paul Scheer Will Write Amazon’s GALAXY QUEST TV Series

Say no more. We're in.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Amazon's long-gestating Galaxy Quest TV series is back on track, and even has a sharp new writer attached: Paul Scheer, co-host of the How Did They Get Made? podcast and MVP from a number of other comedy projects you enjoy, has been tapped to take over scripting on the series following the exit of Robert Gordon, who wrote the original film's script.

Apparently, work on this one was put on hold following the untimely passing of Alan Rickman, who memorably factored into the 1999 film. About a year and a half after his passing, progress has resumed, with the added bonus of Tim Allen now being available (following the hilarious cancellation of his ABC sitcom, Last Man Standing).

None of this is to say that the film's original stars are all guaranteed to return, but it sounds like they'll play some role in the series. Over at SlashFilm, they're suggesting the show will " take a cue from the Star Trek reboot franchise and will also feature a younger crew as part of a reboot of the original Galaxy Quest series." Sounds good to us.

But of course it does. We're a Galaxy Quest household here at Birth.Movies.Death., and lord knows we loves us some Paul Scheer. As such, we're definitely looking forward to hearing more about this one as it becomes available.

How 'bout you folks? Are you as excited as we are or nah?