Ron Howard Teases Familiar Empire Presence For HAN SOLO

The origin story we've been waiting for.

Have you ever wondered how Han Solo knew how to use the "Boring conversation anyway" control panel aboard the Death Star? I certainly have, and it looks like Han Solo: A Star Wars Story (or whatever they eventually call it) is going to answer my questions. Here's marketing maverick Ron Howard teasing yet another bit of information:

That'd be the helmet of a Death Star Trooper.

Does that mean this'll be our sixth Star Wars movie with some kind of Death Star playing a major part? Who knows. Maybe other Empire officers elsewhere wear this thing, and the control panel could very well be a mass-produced Empire product. OR, and stay with me on this, that thing under the Imperial helmet is a blaster, and we're about to learn that Star Wars (1977) wasn't Han Solo's first undercover mission aboard the Death Star!

Okay, probably not, but baseless speculation is all we have right now. The Han Solo movie supposedly flies into theatres May 25th 2018. We'll see about that.