The First Trailer For NATHAN FOR YOU Season Four Is Absolutely Perfect

Oh my god.

Look, folks, I don't want to get hyperbolic, but the first trailer for Nathan For You, Season Four, may well be the greatest thing that has ever happened throughout the course of human history. 

Look upon it now with your unworthy eyes.

This thing is just one jaw-dropping moment after another: Nathan using a complicated body suit to sell contraband chili at a sporting event, Nathan declaring war on Uber on behalf of taxi drivers everywhere, Nathan attempting to reunite season two's Bill Gates impersonator with a long lost love, Nathan hiring a wildly inexperienced young man to edit a newspaper...there's no telling how all of this will fit together, but - given the show's insane history - there's every reason to believe the answer to that question will be incredible. 

We could not be more hyped about Nathan For You returning to Comedy Central on September 28th.