Don Hertzfeldt’s Next Film Is A WORLD OF TOMORROW Sequel

The animation auteur returns to his masterpiece.

"I am very proud of my sadness, because it means I am more alive."

Don Hertzfeldt is one of the most interesting filmmakers out there. If you know his name it's likely because of World of Tomorrow, his 2015 animated sci-fi short that was nominated for an Academy Award. I have no idea what won that year. I couldn't even tell you what won Best Picture, but I can tell you all about Hertzfeldt's work and how it sends me into an existential tailspin. We've known he's been working on something new for some time, but what we didn't know until just now is it's actually a World of Tomorrow follow-up.

Here's the news straight from Hertzfeldt himself:

The world of World of Tomorrow is... well it's unique, to say the least. About as unique as his visual style, which blends simple stick-figure animation with a living, breathing texture. You know what, it's on Netflix. Just go ahead and watch it if you have a few minutes. 

Are we all up to speed? Great. "Episode Two" is titled The Burden of Other People's Thoughts, and I'm not even sure I want to begin to imagine what kind of gut-punch it'll be. Are we returning to the story of Emily Prime and Emily III, or perhaps some further Emily? Is this another time-travel and/or cloning story set in the same universe? Or is it just another meditation on consciousness and mortality using the same title, like some kind of anthology? I have no idea, but I can't wait to find out.