Jon Bernthal Smashes Much Concrete In The Latest Trailer For THE PUNISHER

Y'know what? This one looks pretty legit.

Look, it's probably no secret that the Birth.Movies.Death. crew is divided on Netflix's various Marvel shows. Opinions run the gamut from "I've begrudgingly watched all of them!" to "With a gun to my head, I wouldn't spend another hour on this foolishness", and everything in between. 

But now we've got a trailer for The Punisher, and y'know...this one looks like it might be pretty good.

There is, admittedly, not much to go on here. You've got noted bae Jon Bernthal smashing some concrete with a sledgehammer, some quick cuts to Frank Castle's time in the military (and what appears to be the murder of his wife, though I suppose that could be any ol' doomed lady), a little bit of torture action happening in a warehouse.

So, it's far from a sure thing that The Punisher will be a good show - I remain skeptical that this character can sustain his own series - but, Jon Bernthal goes a long way around here, and I didn't see a single hallway fight anywhere in this footage. Those are two sizable steps in the right direction. 

What do you folks think? Into it? Not so much? You still onboard with these Marvel Netflix shows or what? Sound off in the comments below, and stay tuned for more on The Punisher as we get closer to the show's premiere.