Adam Scott Plays Stepfather To The Antichrist In The First LITTLE EVIL Trailer

The boy ain't right.

The first trailer for Netflix's Little Evil just landed, and it would appear that director Eli Craig has made another charming horror-comedy much in the same vein as his Tucker & Dale VS. Evil

Let's take a look.

So, if it's not immediately clear, Adam Scott is playing the increasingly-concerned stepfather to a very troubled young man who also happens to be the Antichrist. Along for the ride are a number of talented performers, including Ant-Man's Evangeline Lilly, Tucker & Dale's Tyler Labine, the great Clancy Brown, and Bridget Everett (who's going to be put on your radar in a big way once you've seen her kill it in Patti Cake$). 

We dig this set-up, we dig this cast, and lord knows we dug Tucker & Dale VS. Evil, so we're looking forward to this one. Little Evil arrives on Netflix on September 1st. You think you'll check it out or what?