Another Ass-Kicking BLADE RUNNER 2049 Trailer Just Landed

We cannot wait for this movie.

Good morning! A brand-new international trailer for Denis Villeneuve's Blade Runner 2049 just landed.

Let's see what we can see.

So, this trailer (actually listed as an "International TV spot", though it feels more substantial than that) is way heavier on the action than the last few spots we've seen: you've got some gunplay, a few explosions, a great shot of some aerial vehicles swooping into Las Vegas in order to hunt down Deckard...clearly the aim here is to lean on the film's ass-kicking qualities, and we are not complaining. As we've said from the very beginning, this one looks awesome.

Incredibly, we aren't that far away from Blade Runner 2049's arrival: it'll be here on October 6th. That's like a month and a half from now! Stay tuned for more.