CHAOS WALKING Gets Yet Another Awesome Cast Member

Welcome David Oyelowo.

It’s been no secret around here that Doug Liman’s Chaos Walking is going to have a stellar cast. Already the film can brag about names like Tom Holland, Daisy Ridley and Mads Mikkelsen. What more does a film need?

Nevertheless, the film is not done adding actors to its loaded roster. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Selma actor David Oyelowo has now joined the film as well.

The Hollywood Reporter fails to offer which character Oyelowo will play, but the wording vaguely indicates he could be a villain, which definitely makes me curious.

I’m so excited for this film to get rolling along. If you haven’t yet, I highly recommend you check out the source trilogy. It’s totally worth your time, even if you usually don’t go in for YA stuff.