Hello Dave, THE LEAGUE OF GENTLEMEN Is Coming Back

The BBC returns to Royston Vasey this year.

You're probably more likely to have heard its catchphrases than seen the show, but The League of Gentlemen was one of the best and most ground-breaking British comedies of the early 2000s. Its darkly funny, twisted, often outright tragic characters had proper story arcs, far outstripping contemporaries like Little Britain, and its rich production quality drew visibly from a host of genre-cinema influences. The show's third season, in particular, accomplished a feat of intertwining storytelling that Arrested Development would later try unsuccessfully to match.

How can I put this? The League of Gentlemen is a show whose most well-known characters probably have congenital syphilis, probably fuck pigs on the regular, and are definitely torturers and serial killers. Some elements of the show haven't aged well, but god damn - you know you want some of that.

All of which serves as preamble to the news that The League of Gentlemen is returning to BBC Two this year. Celebrating the twentieth anniversary (!) of the show's inception at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (and its subsequent debut on BBC radio), the new series will run just three episodes, but will involve all four of the show's original creators: Mark Gatiss, Steve Pemberton, Reece Shearsmith, and Jeremy Dyson. Frankly, given the busy post-League careers of those gentlemen (including Doctor Who, Sherlock, Whitechapel, PsychovillePsychobitches, a number of Ben Wheatley films, and the underrated Inside No. 9), it's impressive they managed to get everyone back together at all.

In the same announcement, the BBC's Patrick Holland also confirmed that Steve Coogan's iconic broadcaster alter ego Alan Partridge will return, but gave no details as to that revival's nature. That's good news, too! It's a good year to be a fan of...well, the shows of which I'm a fan.