Open Thread: What DCU Spin-Off Movies Do YOU Want To See?

The DCU is shaking things up. Where would YOU like to see it go?

Unless you're just awaking from a coma, you've surely heard about Warner Bros.' plans to launch a Joker origin movie, to be directed by Todd Phillips and produced by none other than Martin Scorsese. While we were initially stunned by the news, we've actually started coming around to the idea...and now we're thinking about the many, many possibilities this approach might offer us.

For instance, what would a Captain Boomerang movie look like? Would it lead to a Jai overdose, or would it further cement Jai's status as the best thing in Suicide Squad? Does this newfound flexibility allow for a one-off Arkham Asylum film? What about a Plastic Man movie? 

Let's get even more specific. Phil wants a Swamp Thing movie (specifically Alan Moore's "Anatomy Lesson" arc) directed by Duncan Jones. Sid wants to see Flex Mentallo, Man of Muscle Mystery brought to the screen with Lord and Miller in the driver's seat. Personally speaking, I'd be down to see someone finally tackle The Long Halloween. As long as we're dreaming big, let's have David Fincher direct it. 

Why not? We can come up with whatever we want. And we have been. But now we'd like to hear your ideas: put in control of the DC archives, and assuming an unlimited budget and your pick of any filmmaker currently working in Hollywood, what direction would you head in? 

It's Open Thread time, folks. Sound off below!