BLADE RUNNER 2049 Gets A Colorful New Poster

Even Leto looks sufferable.

I need to apologize. This should be a Wampler post. It’s about both Blade Runner 2049 and a poster. That’s pretty goddamn Wampler. But my man is busy. So you are stuck with me.

I am here to show you the new Blade Runner 2049 poster, which dropped today via the film’s Twitter feed. It looks like this:

That is a good looking poster. Everyone looks cool (yep, even Jared Leto), and the colors are pretty. I can tell you that even though he’s not here, Scott has given it a thumbs-up as well.

I am looking forward to this film, if only for how beautiful it’s going to look and to see if Harrison Ford was willing to give it the goods. As you can see on the poster itself, Blade Runner 2049 comes out October 6th.