Now There Are Even More BLADE RUNNER 2049 Posters

Hey, that one looks familiar!

Earlier today, my associate Evan Saathoff was kind enough to take over a brief blip of Blade Runner 2049 news for me while I was snowed under with ... oh, who can even remember at this point? It's been a lengthy day. All I know is, I was unable to write up a particularly cool Blade Runner 2049 poster, and I sulked about it for twenty whole minutes. 

But, hey, guess what? That wasn't the end of today's Blade Runner 2049 poster storm! Thanks to the folks over at Ain't It Cool News, we've now got three more Blade Runner 2049 posters for you. Like the one revealed earlier today (and, in one case, much like the one earlier today), they are all lookers.

Check 'em out.

Here we have Harrison Ford's Rick Deckard, rendered in blue.

And here's Ryan Golsing's Officer K, rendered in orange.

And, finally, there's this little number, which is almost exactly the same as the poster revealed earlier this morning. Primary difference: the blue-n-orange overlays have been removed from the actors. Not quite sure I've ever seen that particular move pulled off before, and I'm sorta curious what the thinking was there. Still a kick-ass one-sheet, but what an unusual choice.

Anyway, Blade Runner 2049 - the film I am currently living for - arrives on October 6th. We remain very hyped.