Meet The Klingons In New STAR TREK: DISCOVERY Teaser

They don’t look familiar, but they do look cool.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Star Trek: Discovery makes its debut in just under a month. And while I’ve gone from being white hot excited for the show to kind of pissed off at how things are looking, I can’t deny some serious curiosity about how it will all go down.

I haven’t been posting every little thing they’ve been doing with their social media promotion lately, but today one came down that I thought was a bit more special for this tight-lipped show, a clip focusing just on the Klingons:

If this show ends up being good in its own unique way, I am ready to forgive all the nerdy misgivings I have for all these crazy new designs. I don’t actually hate the way the new Klingons look. This clip doesn’t quite get me excited, but it does give me hope that if they’re out there changing things willy-nilly, maybe they’re at least doing so to follow a unique vision. Though, I do kind of doubt it.